Serial Killers Around the World: The Global Dimensions of Serial Murder

The Butcher of Mons

Author(s): Dirk C. Gibson

Pp: 162-174 (13)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608058426114010015

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The international serial slayer known in Belgium and the U.S. as the Butcher of Mons may have been recently incarcerated for other crimes. Smail Dzurlic was convicted in 2012 of similar murders. This chapter examines this Montenegran’s life and discusses the possibility of other offenses. Significant serial killer communication exemplified this case, as the killer left bags full of body parts on the banks of the River Hate, and the Path of Worry. The serial murders were considered with respect to the motive, MO, number of victims, victims, victimology and time frame. The investigation into Dzurlic’s crimes was described, and the trial analyzed.

Keywords: Albania, Bags of body parts, Belgium, Brooklyn Naval Yard, Butcher of Mons, Cab driver, Chateau l’ Abbaye, Decapitation, Interpol, “La Morte, ” Mons, Montenegro, New York City, New York Police Department, Podgorica Police Department, Refrigeration, Smail Dzurlic, Smail Tulja, Taunting the police, Wood chopping machine.

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